New Products


Somerset Fire Pit Grill


You can now bbq over your Somerset Fire Pit with the all new Somerset Fire Pit Grill !!!! The grill is 39cm square and comes with an adaptor arm that goes on the steel spike of your standard fire pit. The height of the grill above the bowl, can be adjusted to control the cooking of your food.

The grill fits both the Original and Large Somerset Fire Pits.





(please note that the grill is NOT for use

 with the patio base disc)



The PokaStoka is the latest accessory to go with your Somerset Fire Pit




Poke and stoke the fire from a safe distance without singeing your eyebrows. Breaths new life into a fire.

The PokaStoka comes in two parts so that it fits into either size drawstring bag. Made from mild steel tube. Painted in matt black stove paint. Total length 800mm



Toasting Fork




The Toasting Fork fits on the end of the PokaStoka and allows you to toast bread and marshmallows whilst still being able to stoke the fire.




Lids are now availbale for the Original & Large Somerset Fire Pits.

Ideal for puting the fire out whilst camping.

Sleep easy knowing that your fire is not going to flare up and catch the tent alight.

If you are burning wood, you will also have a fire pit full of charcoal in the morning to use for a bbq!





 Draw String Bags


Now available for your Somerset Fire Pit. Draw string bags



Keep your Somerset Fire Pit neatly stored away in one of our new draw string bags.

Stops any ash from dirtying the rest of your camping gear, when packing it in the car.

Made from durable, showerproof nylon with a nylon cord

Leg Extensions





Raise your Somerset Fire Pit higher off the ground with an

extension leg. Will increase the hight by 45cm. Ideal for those

of you who like to barbeque whilst standing up.