Simply push or hammer the steel pin upright into the earth to a

depth of approximately a third it's height. The pin can normally

be 'hammered' into the ground using a piece of fire wood.

If driving the pin into the ground  with a metal hammer, be

sure to place a piece of wood between the hammer and

the pin, so as not to distort the shape of the top of the pin.


Locate the socket, on the underside of the bowl, onto the steel



You are now ready to light your fire.

The innovative design allows the fire bowl to remain vertical

on uneven ground.


You can also purchase a base disc which allows you to use the

fire pit on hard standing such as a patio.


You can turn your Somerset Fire Pit into a barbecue by filling it

with charcoal. You can also buy a Somerset Fire Pit Grill for

cooking your bbq food on.


When you have finished cooking just throw on some wood and

have a beautiful open fire whilst enjoying your meal.

The fire pits will rust over time with normal use. The steel will

last longer if the fire pit is packed away between uses. To

prolong the fire pit's life you can rub an oily cloth over it after



Somerset Fire Pits are for outside use only.

They are not to be used, indoors, in an enclosed

space, in a tent, awning, caravan or campervan.

Danger of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning!!!!!


Do not use the bowl of the fire pit as a saucepan and cook

food directly in it. The bowl should only be used to hold the



Warning:   The fire pit bowl will become very hot when in use